Be Unbothered

Life is full of things, and words, and more things that bother all of us.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with that.  There are things that should bother us.
However, there are times that we have to wash our hands of the issue.  Especially when there's no feasible way to succeed.  I'm in NO way saying to give up on your goals or your'll never hear me say that. Ever. 
What I'm saying is you're never going to be able to please everyone.  You're never going to agree with everyone.  You're never going to have everyone you meet like you.  You're never going to stop your haters from running their mouths about you.  Don't argue with a pine tree.  You're not going to win.  There are times when it is perfectly fine to walk away.  But when you decide to be done, don't hold on to the anger, don't hold onto the resentment.  Not mad.  Not bothered.  Just done.  
Put it out of your mind.  Don't let it consume you.  Let yourself be consumed by the positive. Be consumed by the things you can change; by the things that will change the world.
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