Cold Weather + Me = Miserable

I live in the south.  Like the extreme south.  I was born here. I never left.  I don't do cold weather.  AT ALL.  When it drops below 70, you're likely to see me in pants and/or a long sleeve shirt.  

Myla, the shepherd mix you can see in random photos across the socials, apparently loves the cold weather.  Rightfully so, she does have some thick hair. On the cold days, it seems as though she has lost all training she ever had...seems to ignore even the simplest of GET IN THE HOUSE, IT'S COLD.

While she does very well on a potty schedule, there are random nights that she'll wake me up because she HAS to go out (side note - most of the time it's because she heard something and she must investigate)...and it's always on the coldest nights of the year. I came across this meme a few days ago and it explains perfectly what I'm like at those 3am potty breaks.  

Do any of your animals decide they need to go out at the worst times possible? Or is it just mine?  Likely just mine.  

Picture of the Menace...aka Myla...She's lucky she's cute.

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