Mental Health - IT MATTERS!

I'm not sure where the negative stigma surrounding mental health started, but it needs to end.  There is absolutely no difference between seeking treatment for a mental issue than there is for seeking treatment for a sinus infection.  
Most everyone close to me knows that I've struggled with ADHD for years, and been unmedicated for the majority of those years.  Not because I opposed medication, but I was able to somewhat control it in different ways.  I did try a stimulant medication several years ago, and while it worked, I experienced side effects that I was not willing to tolerate. I stopped that medication and didn't try any others - mainly because I am uninsured and doctor visits are expensive...and ADHD medication is insanely expensive. 
I was talking with my sister a few months ago and she told me about an online service that I should look into.  Well, in true Nancy fashion, I pushed it off onto the back burner.  Until one day I'd fought myself enough.  I couldn't get the easiest of things done.  My mind would absolutely not allow me to focus.  At that time, I said enough is enough.  I scheduled the appointment.  Luckily, it was for the next day.  I spent 30 minutes on the phone with a provider, going over my medical history and all of the things that I struggled with.  She was so kind and compassionate.  She never rushed me.  She never made me feel like I was "less than". She explained that what I was experiencing was ADHD fatigue and it was basically because I was exhausted from fighting myself all day, every day, just to get things done.  My mind never slowed down.  She talked through different medications that I could try - not stimulants, as I was opposed to those due to the adverse side effects - and we finally settled on one.  She even went so far as to find which local pharmacy I could get it filled at that would be the cheapest for me!  I'm 6 weeks in and have experienced so much of a difference! I'm able to stay on task, I'm able to get things done, I'm able to not do 47 things at once. I won't disclose what I'm on because what works for me may not work for you and I don't want to get anyone's hopes up.  
I was speaking with a dear friend about a week ago or so and was telling them about the program because I knew they struggled with anxiety and depression.  They scheduled their appointment.  It happens to be today.  I got a text this morning saying they were nervous about the appointment.  I can't blame them, it's new.  There's a vulnerability around speaking with someone about your struggles - not sure why, but there is.  Another problem many of us face is we don't want to "face" a provider and be vulnerable in front of them, in fear of judgement or ridicule.  I get that, I really do.  I don't think most providers would make you feel this way, but I'm sure it happens.  
My point is, don't struggle alone.  I'm going to drop the link below of the service that I use (there's also an app!), I don't get ANYTHING from them for mentioning it...I just want to give other people an option.  You don't have to struggle alone.  You're not alone.  
If you are in crisis, please seek help!  WE NEED YOU HERE!
Suicide Prevention Hotline: 800-273-8255
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