Standing. Fighting. Trying.

We all have those days where we are at our absolute best.  We are on top of the world, no one can bring us down.  We get everything done.  We speak kindly to everyone, to ourselves.  We fight through everything we're faced with.  
But, then there are days where we are an absolute mess.  Can't figure out which way is up, can't get anything done, can't function.  There's nothing wrong with you on these days.  Don't ever think you're less than because it isn't your day.  We all have them.  But, we have to fight through those days.
For me, most of my days, I'm a mix of both.  I'll have moments where I feel like I have my entire life in order, then 20 minutes later, I feel like I can't complete anything.  There's nothing wrong with that either.  I just keep pushing through to the brighter moments. 
I continue to stand and fight, because I am trying...and so are you.
We are all worthy.  We are all enough.  
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