Words and Actions

For as long as I can remember, I've heard the phrase "actions speak louder than words".  It never meant a whole lot to me until I sat down and really understood what it meant.  
There's a huge difference between what someone says and what they actually do.  For instance, and I'm not complaining here whatsoever, but, when I started this business, so many people told me they'd support me, share my posts, purchase things from me, recommend me to other people when they saw someone looking for something I had.  In reality, they were telling me these things so they could potentially get a discount or something for free.  Their actions spoke so much louder than the words they uttered to me.  And I remember.  Don't misunderstand me, I'm not holding a grudge, I just remember.
Thinking about this lead me to think about my faith, which lead me to this - You can preach a better service with your life than you can with your mouth.  We can sit and recite scripture after scripture, but if our lives aren't backing what we're saying, what good are we doing? I'd much rather SEE someone's heart than HEAR what they want me to hear.  
Live your life by actions.  Not by words. 
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