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When was the last time you did something for yourself?!

The Lateral Collection Box is a monthly box curated just for you (and me!)!

Some of you may not know where the business name came from, so I'll give you a bit of a back story.  I've always had a fascination with Oak Trees - they're enormous and serve so many purposes.  They're strong trees and their roots stretch out as wide as their branches.  Those Lateral Roots are what form the tree - and what form us.  If we don't have a sturdy foundation, we will likely fall over.  Same thing with the Oak Tree - it takes a mighty strong wind and saturated ground to topple those over!

When I think about those Roots, it reminds me of the foundation we need to have with Jesus. We need to be Rooted in His Love. Let his Roots extend from our arms so that we may praise in Him in the joy and in the storm. 


What will be included in The Lateral Collection? Each month you will receive the Exclsuive T-Shirt of the Month along with 3-5 carefully selected items that may include:

  • T-Shirt of the Month - could be short or long sleeve, sweatshirt, or hoodie, depending on the season. 
  • Journal - I've decided to include a monthly journal in each box that will pertain to the shirt design of the month.  It will contain scripture and prompts that will allow you a way to get your thoughts down and take a closer walk with Jesus.
  • Random Items - There will be a few random items included that will pertain to the same theme or Scripture.  This items will be varied each month.

Everything feels a little more special when it lets you take a closer walk with Jesus!

picture of Nancy

Meet Nancy Rewis...

I'm the founder and owner of Lateral Roots and The Lateral Collection! I wanted to create a box that would have a bit more of "me" in it.  Through my walk with Jesus, I'm constantly needing to be reminded of His absolute love for us. We all know His love is eternal, but there are times and days where it seems like it's so difficult to see His Will. I'm using this subscription box to not only strengthen my relationship with Him, but hopefully stregthen yours as well!

Think of this box as a gift to yourself to help you walk with Him! But you don't have to give it any thought each month! Just subscribe! Let me do all of the work finding every little piece to make sure every box you receive is perfect!  I promise each box I curate will have you in mind...becuase we all know that you do so much for others, so let's do this for you, together!

Much Love,